What We Are

We are a special educational needs provision for children with complex needs including Autism, Speech & Language Communication Needs and Moderate Learning Disabilities.

What We Do

We empower children with learning disabilities to thrive through a bespoke curriculum that builds on pupils' strengths and develops new skills.

Why We Do IT

We believe in the children - equipping them with the confidence to thrive in their childhood, adolescence and subsequent adulthood.


St Luke's is a Springboard into Life

St Luke's School is a unique and wonderful school, with passionate staff and brilliant children who want to make a difference.

The curriculum at St Luke's is broad and designed to challenge and support children in developing skills for learning and accessing information to support their journey into adulthood.

Creating diverse opportunities supports our children to access familiar and new concepts to compound their learning, take risks and enjoy the challenges, which invariably lead to successes.

Working with our wider community, the school continually seeks to ensure learning is relevant, purposeful and meaningful.  The experience of work and functional skills is a powerful means of developing our children's understanding of the workplace and a positive role in our wider society.

Why not pay us a visit, to see the great work of the school and, see how you could play a role in supporting their futures.

Become Involved...

See how you could 'give back' through volunteering, supporting our children with Work Experience or, fundraising to equip the school with the necessary resources we need to ensure our children can thrive.