Waves of Intervention

Matching Needs to Relative Interventions

Wave 1
Sensory Lead will advise the Class Teacher of strategies and resources to use with the pupil. The Sensory Lead will offer support in developing a behaviour programme that will include sensory strategies.
Wave 2
Pupils will be identified for interventions in Nine 3/4 or the child's classroom. This will be led by the Sensory Lead Teacher and trained Teaching Assistants. Advice and support will be given by the Occupational Therapist and the class' teacher and TAs will be supported in using identified strategies back in the group.
Wave 3
Pupils will be on the caseload of the Occupational Therapist. The OT will carry out direct interventions with the pupil in addition to school programmes of sensory diets and strategic support. Reports for the EHCP will be conducted by the OT in addition to school reports.

The document below identifies the focus of the waves of intervention: