Before a visit

You are welcome to visit St Luke's School and we look forward to seeing you.

  • Please let us know, where possible, when you are coming and who you would like to see
  • Please note that appointments for some members of staff are required due to other commitments
  • Please bring with you photo identification
  • Please consider your travel arrangements, we are situated in a village.

Preparing to travel to St Luke's School

  • We are close to the M1 motorway
  • Our school has buildings only accessible by going outside
  • We have wheelchair access in the school
  • Parking is available on site
  • Visitors are requested to have photo identification

Arrival at St Luke's School

  • Members of the school office staff will greet you upon arrival
  • You will be asked to sign in, using our electronic system and wear the printed label
  • Staff will ask you for verification of your ID
  • Then you will be informed about any planned evacuations and how to exit the buildings
  • We will enquire about any physical support your would require in the event of an evacuation
  • We will contact the person(s) you are meeting and inform them
  • Your hosts will collect you from Reception

Information for visitors to the school, presented on arrival:

During your visit

  • We have refreshments for your comfort - please let us know if you require anything to make your visit more pleasant.
  • Although unlikely, should you see anything that makes you uncomfortable, particularly with regard to children's safety or child protection, please ensure a senior member of staff hears your concerns before leaving or, as soon after as possible.

The key people in such circumstances are; Mrs Carol Morris (Designated Safeguarding Lead, Acting Head of School) and Mr Stephen Hoult-Allen (Executive Headteacher).

Key Policies:/b>

Privacy Notice

After your visit

  • We hope you enjoy your visit.
  • Should there be information, questions or further advice required, please let us know through email or telephoning the school.
  • Should you wish to leave us feedback, please use the Contact Page on this website.

Thank you for coming to see us!