Year 10 Parents Evenings about Post-16

You are invited to find out more about Post-16 at an introductory meeting of information and answering questions including our Post-16 Transition courses run with our local colleges of Further Education - Oaklands and West Herts College

6pm Monday 11th June at St Luke's School (with Oaklands staff attending)
6pm Monday 18th June at The Collett School (with WHC staff attending)

All welcome to either or both events!
Refreshments provided.


Transitions to and from school
  • 70% of our pupils use local authority provided transport to access school. The majority of other pupils are driven to school, with a minority walking, cycling or using public transport
  • Children with high anxieties around transition to and from school have bespoke programmes of support and resources to reduce these wherever possible

Transitions during the school day
  • Most unnecessary transitions have been removed from the school day (for example moving between 8 teachers and rooms for lessons).
  • All those transitions that are required are supported for the children to develop the confidence and reduced anxiety levels to do these independently wherever possible.

Transitions to St Luke's School from a mainstream school
  • Transitions to St Luke's are managed on an individual basis with the parents and both schools.
  • Personalised transitions are established, responding to the needs of the individual.

Transitions and Autism

St Luke's and The Collett School are looking to work with the University of Newcastle and the North East NHS trust in the creation of a Sensory Needs Simulator for children and adults with complex anxieties.

Already trialed in the North East, we have started collaborative discussions about building on the successful project work for Hertfordshire and the South East. More news as it evolves...

Transitioning to Further Education

We work with our local and further afield Colleges of Further Education from Year 8 upwards.

Transitions at 16 years old to Colleges of Further Education
Youth Connexions forms part of Hertfordshire County Council’s Services for Young People, and is a service that aims to provide information, advice, guidance, support and personal development opportunities for 13-19 year olds (up to 25 years for young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities).

Connexions are involved with pupils and their families prior to the end of the statutory school age. Personal Advisers may attend annual reviews and where possible the Connexions Personal Adviser will visit the school before the annual review to discuss future career prospects for a particular child. While a pupil displays particular skills or aptitudes, which may lead to employment, every avenue is explored to ensure that the pupil receives appropriate support. This may take the form of attending a variety of enterprises through a Work Experience scheme. The post school placement of a pupil is selected after careful discussions with the parents, Social Worker, Connexions Personal Adviser, and Health Authority representative.

  • Each pupil will have a Transition Plan, which sets out the ideas and actions for post school provision.

Link Courses: Experience of College
Pupils take part in a weekly session at either West Herts College or Oaklands College from Year 9 or 10. This gives them the opportunity to experience the college environment and to become familiar with the courses and opportunities that colleges offer.

In Year 8 (and soon to be Year 7) we have sessions in college including one where their parents/carers are invited to attend in order to develop thinking around the pupils' onward progression and focus the mind in determining their own futures.

West Herts College (Watford/Hemel Hempstead) Website:

Oaklands College (St Albans/Welwyn Garden City) Website:

North Hertfordshire College (Stevenage) Website: