Head of School - Mr Jamie Caple

Welcome to St Luke's School!
As the Head of School, my focus is on teaching and learning. I am working with colleagues, pupils and parents in developing and improving our curriculum, supporting the pupils to access a relevant curriculum for their childhood and a seamless move to adulthood as possible. My varied roles in the school are supported by a strong team of leaders, teachers and teaching support staff.

I believe passionately in making this an exceptional school and look forward to working with you to make this happen.

Executive Headteacher - Mr Stephen Hoult-Allen

Hello! My name is Stephen Hoult-Allen and I have the great pleasure in being the Executive Headteacher of St Luke's School, Forest House Education Centre and, The Collett School.

My role is across the three schools, working with all pupils, staff, parents and partnerships to support the best possible education, care and guidance we can. I currently work at St Luke's School two days per week, two days at The Collett School and a day at Forest House Education Centre.

St Luke's has dedicated and passionate staff, who enjoy making a difference to children's lives. It is our passion for making a difference that ensures the adults do their very best in supporting each child to learn, grow, achieve and thrive. There have been many changes over the course of this academic year and I am pleased that we are securing some outstanding staff to take the lead across our curriculum, teaching and operational areas of the school.

We value your comments and thoughts about the school and look forward to welcoming you to St Luke's soon!