Classes 2019-2020

Lower School Teachers

Oak - Miss Redhead
Cherry - Miss Douch,
Willow - Miss Harder
Meerkats - Ms Bensissi

Middle School (1) Teachers

Turtles - Miss Leonard
Ravens - Miss Hanko
Starlings - Mr Burgess
Finches - Ms Blackman
Doves - Mrs Gavigan, Mrs Boakye,

Middle School (2) Teachers

Wolves - Miss Lampard
Parrots - Mr Tindall
Lizards - Mrs Barker
Foxes - Miss Di Tella,

Upper School Teachers

Alban - Miss Tallantire
Ver - Mrs Cochrane
Dacorum - Mrs Quinn
Heartwood - Miss O'Sullivan
Ashridge - Ms Brenham

9 3/4

Mrs Andrew

St Luke's Leadership Teams

Leadership of learning and operations across the Association of schools:
Executive Headteacher - Mr Stephen Hoult-Allen
Head of Operations - Mrs Manda Sides
Head of Engagement and Fundraising - Mrs Gillian Lawton
Head of Interventions - Mrs Anu Gray
DSL Safeguarding Pastoral Lead - Mr Josh Pollard

Leadership of learning within St Luke's School
Head of School - Mr J Caple
Lower School Lead Teacher – Ms S Redhead
Middle School Lead Teacher – Miss H Brooks-Lampard
Upper School Lead Teacher – Miss A Tallentire
Sensory Interventions Lead Teacher – Mrs R Andrew
Learning Outside the Classroom Coordinator- Mr J Croswell
Transitions Coordinator - Mrs J Roper
Cookery Lead - Mrs S Curran

Leading Operations within St Luke's School

Bursar - Ms R Lampey
EHCP Coordinator - Mrs R Barker
Medical HLTA - Mrs C Sayer
PA to Mr Hoult-Allen - Mrs M Ellis
Receptionist - Ms Amy Green
Premises Manager - Mr T Hall
Animal Care - Mr M Colley, Ms Z Gibbs
Horticulture - Mrs E Griffin

Engagement & Fundraising Team: Staffing Organisation

Our Engagement & Fundraising Team operate across the association of schools.

Head of Engagement & Fundraising - Mrs G Lawton
Fundraiser - Miss R Dickman
Fundraiser - Miss D McQueen (Tues)
Voluntary Photographer - Mr Robin Claydon

Professionals on site

St Luke's School's teaching and support team of professionals has continued to adapt to respond positively and creatively to the on-going national and local changes for special educational needs. The current adult ratio and structure reflect the needs of the pupils on roll, and new staff are employed with a view to complement knowledge and skills required to secure the long term success of St Luke's.

Our teaching staff team supports qualified trained teachers and those embarking on professional qualifications. Many of our staff hold a range of qualifications including accreditation at Post-Graduate level. It is the school’s policy to encourage professional development and there are plenty of opportunities to attend internal and external courses as well as lead sessions for colleagues in their specialised areas. Thus, the school enjoys and benefits from a wide range of expertise and individual interests that have an immediate positive impact on teaching and learning.

Out teaching staff regularly mentor PGCE students from Hertfordshire University on long term placements as well as support their professional training on annual short placements during October, December and February each year.

Other Professionals on Site

St Luke's welcomes and works closely with Speech Language and Communication Therapists, a Learning Mentor, Educational Psychologist, Doctors, specialist nurses, Sensory Impairment specialists and Occupational Therapists who collaborate with the staff and form an integral part of the school’s educational provision and daily life. There are a number of other professionals who complement vocational education for older pupils as well as associated college staff and contracted adults, who enrich and add their specialism to our local and meaningful curriculum.

On many occasions, additional external specialists are invited to advise or provide appropriate intervention for pupils who present with unexpected difficulties, or the staff feel that there is a need for further investigation to remove the barriers for learning.

Recent Training Opportunities

The school has enabled teaching and non-teaching staff access to high quality training resulting in obtaining formal qualifications such as:
  • Rebound Therapy
  • Elklan Certificate in Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties
  • Makaton signing
  • Herts Steps Training in positive behaviour for learning for whole school including three trainers
  • Phonics to support reading and spelling
  • SENCO qualification
  • Access to external exams and specific special needs
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Cross school moderation of assessments
  • Subjects standardisation meetings
  • Child Protection Level 1 (3 people level 2)
  • Certificate in Autism
  • First Aid and Paediatric First Aid
  • Subject-specific training and research in line with teachers' responsibilities as leaders or advisors.

There is a Continued Professional Development Handbook that outlines the CPD in-house training for the year.

Non Teaching-Staff

All classes have a leader of learning, and our Teaching Assistants support learning across the school, having specified duties and responsibilities. Most support staff have a role in the classroom, working with the same pupils throughout the day. We also have a centrally located specialist interventions area called 9 3/4, providing individualised programmes of support for pupils’ sensory, speech and language, OT and behavioural needs. Because of the complexity of the pupils we cater for , teaching assistants have regular access to additional training to meet the needs of the group they work with most of the time e.g. paediatric First Aid, TEACCH, PECS or StepUp training.

Our office staff are receptive to parents’ and visitors’ enquiries. They are, as the other non-teaching members of St Luke's employees, well trained and equipped to support a smooth running of the school and contribute to our success.

Staff Job Standards:

Our People Strategy

The recruitment of staff to our school shall be determined by a number of factors, which may change in focus dependent on the context for employment/ volunteering needs. There are however, certain factors that are non-negotiable:
  • Full, enhanced DBS checks revealing no issues
  • Satisfactory references from checked sources that detail the suitability of the applicant to work with children
  • A compete application form with a full career and education history
  • Evidence of qualifications
  • Evidence of identity
  • Evidence of legal work status in the UK.

The behaviours of the adults in the schools demonstrate our ethos, values and expectations of our selves:
  • Ask for help and guidance where needed
  • Are genuine
  • Are trustworthy
  • Are enthusiastic practitioners
  • Are naturally curious
  • Are passionate about pedagogy
  • Are reflective on their own performance
  • Are effective team players and leaders where appropriate
  • Are appropriately qualified
  • Believe in making a difference
  • Champion the profession of SEND teaching
  • Communicate well (necessary to support our pupils with complex speech and language needs)
  • Communicate the value and worth of people with learning disabilities
  • Demonstrate resilience
  • Demonstrate a positive outlook
  • Demonstrate positive interactions
  • Demonstrate a keen interest in child development
  • Demonstrate solution-seeking behaviours
  • Demonstrate both pride and, humility
  • Enjoy helping others to succeed
  • Have the fitness and stamina required
  • Seek job satisfaction
  • Seek to inspire others
  • Share and convey the values, ethos and culture of the schools
  • Want to leave the school in a better place than whence they found it
  • Work to deadlines.