Parents' Evening Format

Your booked slot will be with your child(ren)'s class teacher(s).

We have all the teachers in the school hall as this creates a good atmosphere and makes the evening more of an event. There are 10 minute timed slots between 4.30 and 6.30pm on the evening, which you can book before the event. You are welcome to make further appointments with your child's teacher on the evening, should you wish to.

This is an opportunity to find out about their progress and how well your son/daughter is doing at school. It is a time to share information about learning - finding ways to improve your child's progress. It is usually a time to celebrate achievements also.

Questions you might like to ask your child's teacher:
Is Bob making 'more than expected progress'?
Who are Bob's friends outside of the classroom?
What support does Bob need with reading at home?
What are Bob's strengths in school?
What happens in transition times?
How is assessment recorded?

Your class teacher will show you your child's StAPPS (St Luke's Assessing Pupil Progress Scheme) sheets - how we assess our pupils' progress and attainment. You will be invited to share in the assessment procedures for subjects like PSD (Personal, Social Development)

There is the opportunity to talk to:
Sensory Needs Lead Teacher
Heads of Departments
Senior leaders
Executive Headteacher, Stephen Hoult-Allen

Other Invited Professionals include:
Connexions Advisors
West Herts College teachers
Oaklands College teachers
School Nurse
Speech and Language Therapists
Occupational Therapists

Tutorial Days

These are termly dates for staff and parents to meet to discuss individual children's needs, abilities and progress in learning. They are in addition to Parents' Evenings.