There are individual programmes and curriculum activities devised at a level and pace appropriate to the individual and made relevant, interesting and have purpose.

Functional Numeracy
At St Luke's we place a strong focus on supporting pupils to use and apply their numeracy skills as an important and functional part of their daily routines, for example during shopping trips or when following a recipe whilst cooking. Functional Numeracy is applied across the curriculum in order to ensure pupils can make connections between areas of study and, within our community as relevant and helpful knowledge/skill sets.

Mathematics - The National Curriculum

The Programmes of Study for Children according to their Year Group (Age).
The National Curriculum disadvantages our pupils with Special Educational Needs who have Cognitive Learning Disabilities as they are not working at the age-determined level. Our StAPPS assessment and curriculum however, takes into account the linear progression required and ensures rigour and age-appropriate requirements, but in a system that that doesn't focus on the failure to achieve standards, but does reward progression.

Functional Numeracy Skills

Functional Numeracy is about the application of maths in real-world situations.

The teaching and learning, organisation and management of Functional Numeracy Skills at St Luke's School is designed to support pupils to develop:

A positive attitude towards Time , Money and Measure.
Competence and confidence in mathematical knowledge, in key areas within numeracy
An ability to solve problems, to reason, to think logically and to work systematically and accurately
An ability to use and apply knowledge in numeracy to outside the school
Each pupil’s ability to be as independent as possible, when they leave school, by teaching them the essential skills needed for functional living through 'mastering' basic numeracy concepts.
Understanding Money, Time and Measure as the key aspects of mathematics that teachers and parents have highlighted as vital in enabling a young person to become independent.

We make use of many helpful outside teaching tools and Schemes of Work such as Numicon which are specifically adapted to meet the individual needs of our students.

It is important that different learning styles are catered for, and teachers are given the opportunity to adapt and differentiate their lessons using the tools they feel appropriate for the individual levels and attitudes that exist within the set group.