School Closed: Coronavirus

School is closed. As a result of result of reduced staffing, we will be contacting Key workers and parents/carers...

Our Family

St Luke's School is a Special school for children with learning disabilities including ASD, MLD SLCN for boys...


Here you will find information about what we measure, how and why.

What We Teach

We reflect on the needs of the children now and how they evolve as they transition into adulthood. As...

St Luke's Partnerships

St Luke's School builds reciprocally strong partnerships We work with many organisations and individuals that help the school...

Healthy Eating

The health of our children is extremely important in our drive to thrive in life.

Welcome By The Heads

Jamie Caple: Head of School Stephen Hoult-Allen: Executive Headteacher

When School Is Open & Closed

The School Day, Office Hours, Term Dates. For information about school closures and school policy during severe weather, please visit...

Friends Of St Luke's (Fosl) & Fundraising

The Friends of St Luke's has two distinct 'wings' 1) to ensure parents and carers feel connected with the...

Parents' Evenings 2017-2018

Pupil Premium Grant And Additional Funding

Pupil Premium Grant, Pupil Premium Grant Plus, Sports Premium and Year 7 Catch Up Premium funds.

Progress And Attainment Of Vulnerable Groups

Through a range of assessment measures, we monitor the progress of our vulnerable groups of learners, to put in place...

Behaviours For Learning

Behaviours for learning are modelled and supported. For each child to shine and thrive, they need to develop an...

Stapps - St Luke's Assessing Pupil Progress Scheme

StAPPS is our own system of assessing pupils' progress, achievements and attainment - covering what matters; not just academic subject areas.

Who We Are

St Luke's School is proud to be a Hertfordshire Local Authority maintained Foundation Special Educational Needs School for children with...

Volunteering At St Luke's And Forest House Education Centre

How volunteers support the work of the school. There are many ways to be involved.

How Well Are We Doing?

Every child and adult matter at St Luke's School. We are working to make improvements to our school in order...

St Luke's Staff Teams

St Luke's School staff make a difference!

Learning Interventions

Interventions are in addition to high quality classroom teaching. Support is bespoke to the needs of the child and...

Child Protection

We strive to keep children safe and protected from abuse.

St Luke's School Vision, Mission And Values

Where we are travelling and how we intend to get there...

Admission To St Luke's School

Information about how children are placed at St Luke's School

Free School Meals

If you are able to claim free school meals, there may be other benefits you can apply for.

Need Advice?

Here you will find information on where to get advice locally.


ASD - Autistic Spectrum Disorder, ...


Literacy is the ability to read and write, but also the ability to use language, numbers, images, computers, and other...

Numeracy And Mathematics

Mathematics is a specific form of communication with its own language of signs and symbols and is particularly motivating for...


Art has the power to changes lives, soothe and excite us. Art is about creativity - something we relish...

Procedures For Sensory Profiling

And the identification of appropriate Waves of Intervention.

Waves Of Intervention

The levels of support required for children to access the curriculum as well as possible.

Nine And Three Quarters

Nine and Three Quarters is the name we give to a suite of rooms, which are staffed to support children...

Online Safety

Online Safety (previously called e-Safety) is about being safe when using the internet and technology.

Home Learning

Home Learning tasks are set across all year groups at St Luke's in order to support each child's progress and...


Reading is proven to be one of the most effective activities to improve progress in school.

Specific Learning Difficulties - Dyslexia

Specific Learning Difficulties

Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs) affect the way information is learned and processed. They include: Dyslexia. Dyspraxia or Development Co-ordination Disorder.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Specific Learning Difficulties - Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a specific learning difficulty for mathematics, or, more appropriately, arithmetic.

Specific Learning Difficulties - Dysgraphia

Specific Learning Difficulties - Dyspraxia

Dyspraxia - Otherwise known as DCD


Personal, Social (and Emotional) Development

Physical Interventions & Restrictive Physical Interventions

For some children, sometimes, we need to physically intervene to support the safety of the individual and others.

Social Stories

Social Stories outline events (future or past) to help children and adults understand the sequence of events - preparing them...

Health And Safety

Health and Safety at St Luke's School covers a range of situations, needs and access requirements.

Hertfordshire Send Strategy

On this page, you will find information about Hertfordshire's SEND strategy.

Governing Body Of The Blue Tangerine Federation

The governing body of The Blue Tangerine Federation aims to ensure each school in the federation provides the best possible...

Travel Training

Travel Training begins as soon as pupils join the school. The intention is to develop independence and confidence with...

Communication: Prime Focus

Kinaesthesia/ Movement

Most of our children learn best by 'doing'. Keeping active and developing skills to improve coordination are integral parts...

Student Teacher Placements

First steps into teaching are daunting, though a placement at St Luke's School equips you to perform with confidence!


This page tells you how to complain and the policy we have in place to support you in being heard...


It's always great to know when things are going really well. We often forget to let people know this...

Post 16

Options for Post-16

Learning Interventions In 9 3/4

Nine and Three Quarters is the name we give to the part of the school where magic happens...

Hertfordshire's Special Educational Needs Schools

There are different types of provision in Hertfordshire for children with complex learning needs. The sectors work collaboratively and...

Behaviour Support: Asd Self Injury

Some pupils with Autism injure themselves as a result of high anxiety or frustration.

Fundraising Vision

Everything we are fundraise for is to support the children access our mainstream world with confidence and belief in themselves...

Fundraising Contacts

Across all three schools of the federation (and supported by the Friends of Collett and Friends of St Luke's): Gillian...


Phonics at St Luke's School.

Sex And Relationships Education (Sre)

Relationships are an important aspect of a thriving life. We talk about relationships from an early age, building knowledge...

National Curriculum

The National Curriculum

Partnerships For Improving Literacy

We are proactive in working with other partners to expand our child's opportunities to develop their literacy. We are...

Professional Development - Learning And Influence

Learning Links With Other Schools

We love working with other schools in partnerships that support our children and, ensure our mainstream school partnership pupils get...


Science which matters is taught at St Luke's.



At St Luke's School, we use drama as a means of communication, understanding plots and characterisation as well as to...

Humanities - History And Geography

Understanding the world around us: humanities subjects are covered through our Topic work in class.


We learn the value of languages as well as key words and phrases through Topic, English, Cookery, RE, Science and...

Computing At St Luke's

Pe & Fitness

Why we do PE, what it's like at St Luke's and where we are developing it further.


Subjects Areas At St Luke's School

We teach subjects from the National Curriculum as an entitlement for our pupils. What should be learnt is the...


Transition means to move from one activity/place to another.


We believe our pupils need to experience Cooking to learn how to eat healthily and enjoy food.

Religious Education (Re)

At St Luke's School, we follow the Hertfordshire Guidance on RE teaching.

Outcomes Data

Data is used by school staff and governors to see where the strengths and areas for development lie.

Local And National Support Contact Details

Here, we list the websites of organisations that we feel might be helpful to the families of children at St...


If you are wishing to make a payment for school dinners donate to the school, please find the links through...

Fundraising Plans

Our Fundraising Planning for the next few years is focused, though flexible in order to respond to changes in education...

How Can I Help?

What fun could you (and your friends) have, raising funds for StLuke's School?

What Does Differentiation Mean?

Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome (and also called Down's Syndrome) is caused by having a copy of chromosome 21 in our genetic makeup.

Published Work & Qualifications

An aim of the school is to provide a world class provision for the children now and future cohorts. Research,...

Awards Achieved

Awards are incredibly important to children and adults - they foster pride in our school community and a desire to...


St Luke's School offers Outreach services to secondary schools in DSPL 8 as well as Business Support in Hertfordshire and...

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (Send)

Our Speciality!

Global Development Delay (Gdd)

Global Development Delay

Williams Syndrome

Williams Syndrome

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Problems With Eating

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (Fas)

Learning Disabilities And Difficulties (Ldd)

What does the term mean?

Fragile X Syndrome

What is Fragile X?

Attachment Disorder

Children with attachment disorders or other attachment problems have difficulty connecting to others and managing their own emotions.

St Luke's School's Strategic Aims

Letting you know what our priorities are and why.

Reducing Anxieties

Most of us feel anxious at some time or other. Some of our pupils live in a constant state...

St Luke's Curriculum

Our curriculum is focused on children's needs for now and their future adult life.

Speech And Language

Our integrated approach to supporting children's Speech and Language Communication Needs (SLCN)

Who Is Outreach For?

St Luke's School supports secondary schools in DSPL8.

Outreach Resources

Please have a browse through our attached resources to see what type of resources we can provide as part of Outreach.

Request Outreach Support

Here are ways you can contact us to request support for individual staff or groups working with Primary aged children...

Outreach Business Request

We work with business organisations to support improved team working relationships where one or more of the team has learning disabilities.

Risk Assessments

We calculate risks in order to protect the children and adults of the school and for our visitors.

Speech And Language: Scerts

SCERTS: Social Communication & Emotional Regulation Transactional Support

Speech And Language: Elklan

Careers & Further Education

We ensure our pupils are prepared for the world of work through effectively managed experience of work opportunities, extended work...

Parents & Carers

A starting off point to find the information you want/need... Click on the links below.

Children's Attendance And Sickness

Attending school and what to do if your child is too poorly to be in school.

Social Media

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

How To Donate

Donations of money, time, skills, resources and help are always gratefully received!


Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspects of learning and living at St Luke's School

Visits Are Welcomed!

We look forward to welcoming you. Information about your visit is detailed below:

Glossary, Acronyms And Jargon

What does that mean?

Medical Needs At St Luke's School

Medical needs have additional complexities in children with learning disabilities. We closely monitor individuals' welfare, the administration of medication,...

Ehcp Annual Reviews

What we do regarding EHCP Annual Reviews

Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice is rightly loud and proud at St Luke's School

Research And Development: Post-Graduate Work

Building on a rostrum of inquiry in search of responsive pedagogy and practice for pupils with complex learning profiles. ...


Learning Outside the Classroom - What it entails at St Luke's and why we feel it's important.

Repair Shed

St Luke's Partnership Since 2018. Repair Shed are working to 'make and mend' at St Luke's School.

Research & Development: Teacher Led Developmental Work

This page focuses on work currently being undertaken by our teaching staff.

Autism & Eating

Many individuals on the autism spectrum may have a pattern of avoidant or restrictive eating, including rejecting food that was...

St Luke's News

Updates on St Luke's School: Forthcoming Events & Recent News


The Blue Tangerine Federation consists of St Luke's School incorporating Forest House Education Centre and, the Collett School. The...


We keep data on pupils, their families and staff secure.

The Blue Tangerine Newsletter

The Blue Tangerine Newsletter is the school's weekly newsletter, written by Mrs Ellis and pupils of the school.

Mental Health And Wellbeing

The mental wellbeing of school pupils and staff are crucially important in these pressured times.

Fundraising Gallery

Here is a selection of photos from our past events organised by Friends of St Luke's and our Fundraising &...

Severe Weather

This page provides information and advice on unavoidable school closures due to severe circumstances in the weather.

Curriculum As Part Of The Local Offer

Our St Luke's Curriculum as part of the Local Offer.

Brexit Preparations

There are many aspects of preparing for the uncertainties around Brexit....

St Luke's Term Dates

Our term dates and school closures.

Animal Therapy At St Luke's

Animals play a big role here at St Luke's, with our dedicated room The Ark providing a safe and sensory-friendly...