Knowing What We Are Good At

Thorough and rigorous methods of evaluation and deep investigation into successes and weaknesses of the school give us a picture of what we're good at and where the holes are:

Understanding, Leading to Improvement
The school is now meticulous in monitoring work, the provision, assessment and achievements to ensure an accurate understanding of the school, targeted interventions that improve the quality of teaching and outcomes as well as clarity in its further direction.

Knowing The Purpose of Education
Innovative, long-term partnerships with our local and wider community are courted and sustained by the school for the benefit of our children transitioning to adulthood. Our reflective curriculum engenders independence and choice - securing pupils' metacognition for their own needs now and a thriving future.

Self-Belief and Worth
Children demonstrate respectful relationships that support high levels of self-esteem and a desire to be fully engaged in school life, leading to a high degree of pride in personal as well as others' achievements. Value and worth is found through achievement, attainment, progress and a deep understanding of our personal and collective responsibilities.

The Big Picture

  • Ensure school is a happy place
  • Improve and sustain the quality of leadership of the school
  • Develop our culture for extended learning
  • Ensure our curriculum is diverse to cater effectively for the needs of individuals
  • Extend the impact of using data to raise levels of progress
  • Create dynamic partnerships and harness income streams to support children's progress into adulthood