What is PSD Teaching?

We track five areas of PSD on a termly and annual basis.
Currently, we are revising our PSD policy, SRE Policy, Long term Curriculum plan and also updating PSD assessment to reflect recent changes in our assessment system. We are doing this in collaboration with other schools, including Collett.

In revising our PSD assessments, we will be making the PSD sub Categories match the three Core themes of the PSD framework (Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World). Currently, they are designed around five areas of independence, social, health, citizenship and emotional.

These will then be updated to match with the present PSHE outcomes. We would also like to develop an area that is about Character Development that would follow the DfE Character Curriculum Framework:
  • interpersonal and social effectiveness
  • self-awareness
  • values
  • resilience
  • effectiveness within a wider community
  • risk management

Some of this will be embedded within the PSD Curriculum, and some taught discretely. For those that need further opportunities we are considering how this could be part of a intervention group combined with Zones of Regulation.