Who are Repair Shed?

The Repair Shed brings men (and women) aged 50+ together to stay healthier and happier for longer through making, mending and learning.

At certain life-changing stages in their lives - unemployment, retirement, bereavement, moving house etc – older men can become disconnected and isolated, particularly where their identity and interests have been tied up with paid work.

They say ‘men don’t talk face-to-face, they talk shoulder-to-shoulder’. With this in mind, The Repair Shed aims to offer a friendly and supportive place for men who enjoy ‘tinkering’ and want to help establish the project as an environmental social enterprise.

Repair Shed Vision

To be an environmental social enterprise that is financially self-sustaining by making, mending and selling products and services as appropriate.

To provide a supportive environment in which older men (50+) who are practically-minded and want to make things, do repairs, share skills and learn new ones.

To spend 33.3% of our time on income generation through making items for sale and mending items that would otherwise go to landfill; 33.3% of our time on community projects (paid and unpaid);33.3% on member’s own personal projects.

To create a project that is member led and helps members make new friends and contacts, support and encourage each other but do not feel under pressure ………and above all have fun!

New for St Luke's

We are working with men and women of The Repair Shed at St Luke's School! Here's Doug's take on the first few weeks of being here:

The origin of our newest SHED at St Lukes School in Redbourn is perhaps a little strange because if it weren’t for the BBC Countyfile programme, we would not be here! The Head of School was watching the programme back in the autumn and watched an article they featured on SHEDS. A subsequent google search led her to our Repair Shed website and she contacted us to ask whether we would be prepared to make use of the CDT Workshop which had not been used for many years. Our first viewing was enough to say “YES”! The workshop was in a bit of a state but, wow (!!), lathes, work benches, tools, a forge and above all s p a c e for us to grow…. everything a self-respecting SHEDDER could dream about!! And above all, there was a brilliant extraction system to get rid of the waste. This was a real opportunity to partner with a school with inspirational leadership and a genuine desire to use our skills in the development of their long term aims for the school. We drew up a Partnership Agreement between Community Action Dacorum and the school; this extract from that agreement sets out the aims of the partnership:

The aim of the Partnership is to further community links at St Luke’s Foundation School by enabling Community Action Dacorum to make use the school’s CDT rooms to undertake their own projects. Community Action Dacorum will, in return, undertake small repair works for the school and attend relevant school events, thereby assisting with the St Luke’s Enterprise project, aimed at helping pupils to develop skills for their future working lives.

We took occupation of the Workshop in early 2018. All our volunteers have had to be DBS checked due to the fact we are working in close proximity to vulnerable children. We proudly wear our red SHED fleeces when we are on site so we are easily identifiable to the staff and children alike. We see great opportunities to expand our skills using the equipment we have inherited, which includes a fleet of sewing machines. We have already made ourselves useful by mending a broken fire door and repairing a broken settee and we have repainted a classroom ready for a new class of children. There’s lots to do but the opportunities are there for us to develop and make a real difference.

To be involved - contact Repair Shed through their website:
The Repair Shed