What is Outreach?

St Luke's has a long history of working with children with special educational needs. Over the past years, we have innovated and worked with best practices from around the globe to facilitate opportunities that support children with complex needs, to learn.

We know that many mainstream schools also have children with complex needs including autism, communication difficulties, social emotional and mental health, alongside other disorders and syndromes. Our Outreach provision can support your school or business with strategies, resources, advice and support to secure improved support for a child/young person/adult with special educational needs and disabilities.

At St Luke's School, our vision is to support children to 'thrive in life' by working with children with complex needs in their transition to adulthood. In doing so, our support to the adults around the young person is strong and supportive in order to give the young person with SEND the best possible opportunities in life, in order to thrive!

Request Outreach Support

To request support from the Outreach Team please complete the form below, obtaining a parent's signature before emailing or sending to:


Rachel Andrew
St Luke's School
Crouch Hall Lane