Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to ensure each child has the most successful start to adulthood as a result of relevant and inspiring schooling.

Our mission is to Promote the Abilities in Disability within our immediate, local and wider communities in order that our vision is realised

We undertake to provide a safe learning environment to enable all pupils to grow and develop, with a commitment to provide opportunities to increase independence for every individual.

We plan to achieve this by:
Continuing to develop independence skills for future living
Fostering good relationships based on trust and mutual respect
Developing personal and moral values and interpersonal skills
Providing a happy and well-ordered environment
Giving opportunities for life-long learning
Creating a broad, balanced and enriched learning environment for all
Ensuring effective links between home and school
Valuing and supporting individuals
Maximising everyone’s talents
Having high expectations of all
Celebrating achievements
Appreciating individual aspirations and achievements
Taking an active part in the life of the school and the wider community
Respecting others' cultural and religious beliefs

Our Values

The ethos of our school is born out of our values:


  • We challenge orthodoxies in teaching
  • We influence others through excellence, based on common-sense
  • We are creative in our thinking and flexible in our approaches
  • We listen
  • We keep growing
  • Worth

  • We engender self-esteem and pride with support for ongoing achievement
  • We celebrate difference
  • We embrace that which is ‘special’
  • We enable opportunities for children to feel a high degree of pride
  • Happiness

  • We exude a zest for life
  • We learn from our mistakes
  • We know we have support from each other
  • Independence

  • We support internal rewards, from which to take on new challenges
  • Building trustful relationships and enable children to feel safe
  • We enable children to enquire and develop own interests
  • We communicate pride in difference and uniqueness
  • Respect

  • We work together
  • We build relationships and respect through communication
  • We have humility
  • We engender a family spirit

  • Our Ethos

    In order to thrive in life and achieve the high expectations we also hold of ourselves, we work hard, together and with happiness as part of a community that proudly shines.