How do we evaluate ourselves?

In evaluating the school provision, we look at the following areas, which are also a focus for Ofsted, HMI and Hertfordshire Local Authority:
  • What and How We Teach
  • Quality of Teaching
  • Children's Outcomes
  • Children's Welfare and Safety
  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Guidance
  • Quality of Leadership

The Blue Tangerine Federation School Improvement Overview:

Within the areas above are key areas we robustly monitor and evaluate:
Child Protection and Safeguarding, Individuals' progress in learning and that of Vulnerable Groups, the effectiveness of teaching, the Quality of Work with our Partners, Finances and Value for Money, Health and Safety.

There are 6 Work Streams that have 'champions' across the federation of schools. These champions seek to improve the quality of our education by focusing on specific aspects, supported by all colleagues' Performance Appraisal work. The Work Streams are:
1. Embedding a Learning Culture
2. Meeting Needs
3. Curriculum
4. Partnerships
5. Better Resources
6. Data

These work streams tie together teacher and TA work with the leadership foci on improving our schools, leading to analysis and overview within the federation's School Improvement Plan and School Self Evaluation.

Pupil Premium, Sports Premium and Yr7 CatchUp Funding

External Reports on St Luke's School

Our Ofsted (March 2018) Section 8 Inspection:

See how a Section 5 Ofsted inspection works here:

Below is the link to Parent View where you can record your views about your child's education at St Luke's School:

NAS Accreditation

Impressive strengths identified in the NAS report on St Luke's School:
  • The individual behaviour management is a clear strength within the school. Staff are quick to recognise when pupils are becoming heightened and successfully support pupils to ensure they are able to regulate.
  • The PSD curriculum that the school have in place is fully embedded into all teaching across the school as well as being taught in explicit lessons. It was seen to allow the pupils learn and practice skills needed throughout life in a safe and supportive environment.
  • The relationship that St Luke’s have developed with the local feeder college will enable them to successfully transition pupils over a two year period, accessing courses at college at a level which is appropriate for them with access to college tutors supported by St Luke’s staff.

See the report in full:

Post St Luke's Destinations

Summer 2018

65% at Oaklands College
35% are attending Bedford College
10% are attending private colleges

Summer 2017

All pupils have gone on to their second college course