A healthy, balanced diet is crucial for a fit and happy life. Introducing healthy eating habits at school can have long-lasting medical benefits that can last a lifetime.

Cookery lessons play a huge role in this process at St Luke's School. Middle and Upper School classes frequently cook to not only practice independent life skills but also to better understand how these meals benefit them for life.

Change 4 Life

It doesn't have to be all about what goes on at school - try out healthy meals at home too!

The government recommended Change 4 Life provides loads of fantastic advice and healthy recipes to help you and your family stay fit and healthy. Visit their link by clicking here!

Free School Meals

In accessing Free School Meals (FSM), your child will be able to choose a well-balanced cooked meal every day.

How to Apply for Free School Meals
Visit Hertfordshire County Council's website for more details on how to apply for FSM.

St Luke's School can also access additional money through the Pupil Premium Grant, please see the policy below for more information on how this is used via this link.