St Luke's Fundraising Priorities for 2018 and beyond

The school's fundraising priorities are linked to our school development plan as part of our holistic approach to improving the school for the children's needs now and for their futures.

St Luke's School used to be a secondary comprehensive school for Redbourn and the surrounding area. Now, the building is a designated special school for children with complex needs. We have a lot of space and buildings, though not the income to ensure it is all safe and accessible for our children. We are looking to work more with businesses and create opportunities on site for work-related learning.

2017/18: IT equipment and resources

IT is essential for modern day living for all children and especially for ours as a means of effectively accessing information and communicating with others. Some of our pupils are unable to communicate verbally and we use IT equipment to support children to express themselves, finding astonishing hidden depths with some children's usage. On the back of fundraised support to establish wifi across the school, we are looking to develop our use of laptops, which enable children to access work programmes (like Word and Excel) in preparation for adulthood in the workplace. Other IT equipment we are improving is advocated by therapists to support children's sensory needs and engagement with communication tools, developing fine motor skills.

2017/2018: Refurbishing the classrooms and communal areas

Working with the children and staff to develop the learning areas to ensure they are inviting, relevant and appropriate to the needs of the children.

2017/18: Therapy equipment

The needs of our children have become increasingly complex and the equipment required to help them maximize potential learning and social skills is now needed as part of daily routines. Bespoke equipment (some of which, our staff have actually designed) supports children to self regulate their sensory needs alongside taught strategies that lower anxieties and remove boundaries. Our 'mainstream world' has many social rules of which our pupils do not readily understand. By learning strategies to be an accepted part of the community, our children gain more confidence and independence to be who they can be and, want to be.

2018/19: Onsite Café

One of St Luke's main objectives is for our children to thrive in adulthood. To achieve this, they not only need confidence, increasing independence and life skills, but for the community they will be living in, to accept and support them as active, adult citizens. Britain has changed over the years - we are more educated about special needs and increasingly, the value and potential of children and adults with learning disabilities as having equality of opportunity, responsibilities and rights.

Other benefits include meaningful skills they will attain for working life such as functional numeracy in using a till, barista skills, ordering resources, stock control, evaluating profits and losses, small business finances, tax and insurance, hygiene and law enforcement. Communication skills will also include dealing with people, difficult situations and engaging with strangers.

The on site Café is currently at the early stages of planning, though we are confident this will be good for the school and particularly for our pupils and their families.

2018/19: Life Skills House

In converting a building on the school site to a Life Skills House, we will be supporting young people and their families to stay over and support semi-independent living; teaching life skills and practical home routines as part of the curriculum and after school clubs..

Fundraising Plan
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Life Skills House
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