Our Fundraising Vision

Fundraising Vision:

  • To equip children with the resources they need to thrive in life.

Fundraising Mission:

  • To support each child to thrive in life, our fundraising will seek to maximize our resources including the buy-in to the school, where employers will consider our learners' assets as potential employees.

Fundraising Addresses Pupils' Needs:

  • Our pupils need high quality adult support, maintained with excellent training and resources
  • Our pupils need good quality equipment that supports them improve their learning and physical needs
  • Our pupils need opportunities to shine and build their confidence
  • Our pupils need support to believe in themselves through others believing in them
  • Our pupils need to develop the skills and mindset to become working adults for self-fulfillment
  • Our pupils need to sustain good mental health through engagement with the world around them
  • Our pupils need to develop increasing independence in all areas of life

Fundraising Actively Supports These Needs By:

  • Work-related opportunities that improve children's skills and understanding
  • Creating innovative spaces to enjoy and progress learning
  • Providing good quality resources that support individuals' needs and engaging children
  • Raising the profile of special needs - particularly the abilities to be found in disability
  • Helping people in the wider community talk with young people and remove stigmas
  • Reducing ignorance of learning disabilities in our communities
  • Enriching the lives of people through sharing learning experiences with our children

Why Fundraise?

The vast majority of our school budget from the Local Authority needs to be spent on the higher staff ratios required to support our children with complex learning disabilities make progress. Money, professional trades and support in kind through fundraising enables us to improve our facilities and resources; filling gaps and creating new opportunities . Our work with companies has supported our children in school and, through the valuable opportunities of work experience and employment upon transitioning to adulthood.