Decision Made to Federate the Schools in our Association

The Governing Bodies of The Collett School and St Luke's School (incorporating FHEC) have consulted widely and subsequently made the decision to move from an 'Association' of schools to a 'Federation' of Schools.

Reasons for the decision was that it felt a natural progression from an 'association' of the schools and that likely benefits for staff, pupils and parents would continue through the opportunities across the sites and schools.
The Federation will take effect from 31st January 2019.

The governors of The Collett School also made the decision for the school to move to Foundation Status at the same time as the Federation of the schools, meaning The Collett School will have increased responsibilities for its own land.

Federation Letter to Stakeholders:

The Consultation Documentation (10 Sept 2018 to 19 Oct 2018):

The draft Instrument of Government can be found here: