Who We Are

St Luke's School

Head of School: Mr Jamie Caple
Executive Headteacher: Mr Stephen Hoult-Allen
St Luke's is a Special Educational Needs School for children with Learning Disabilities (LD) and Complex Needs including Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Speech and Language Communication Needs (SLCN) and Moderate Learning Disabilities (MLD). We are looking to be re-designated as a 'Complex Needs School', which would recognise the increasing complexity of needs the children placed in our school. Currently our pupils are aged between 7 and 16 years old though we would like to become an all age special school.

We have extensive grounds and are situated at the western borders of the county. Our catchment area is wide and includes highly affluent areas and deprived communities. A higher than average proportion of our pupils access free school meals. Every child accessing the school has an Education Health Care Plan and is working at or around the second percentile.

We are 'proudly different' in what we provide as an education setting and are a school in transition. Our relationships with partnerships in business, industry, private, public and voluntary sectors continues to influence and expand what we can offer for our young people in school and beyond school leaving age. St Luke's works collaboratively with other schools, particularly those in our Federation in order to expand our skills, knowledge and provision.

We form part of a Federation of schools with Forest House Education Centre and The Collett School in Hemel Hempstead. All schools have Foundation School status.

Forest House Education Centre

Head of School: Mr Huw Bucknell
Executive Headteacher: Mr Stephen Hoult-Allen
Forest House Education Centre is a hospital school for people aged 12-18 with complex mental health, social and emotional needs, most of whom attend Forest House Adolescent Unit - an NHS CAMHS Tier 4 residential provision. ESMA also has up to six day students attend Forest House Education Centre.

The Collett School

Head of School: Ms Pam Stocks
Executive Headteacher: Mr Stephen Hoult-Allen
The Collett School in Hemel Hempstead is an all-age (4-17) Learning Disabilities (LD) school for children with complex learning difficulties including ASD, MLD and SLCN - the same type of provision as St Luke's.

Our School Context

January 2019

Our Capacity Number (total amount of pupils deemed safe): 160 children
Our current number of pupils on roll: 160
Pupils with an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) - 160
Children Accessing Free School Meals (FSM) - 48
Pupil Premium Grant Pupils (PPG) - 54
Children with a Medical Condition - 146
Boys - 70%
Girls - 30%

Attendance 2018-19 : 90.5%
Fixed Term Exclusions 2018-19: 1 pupil, 1 day
Permanent Exclusions 2018-19 : 0

All pupils at St Luke's School have complex learning disabilities with low cognitive abilities.

Primary Needs of Pupils at St Luke's:
Autism (ASD):46%
Speech and Language Needs (SLCN): 81%
Moderate Learning Disabilities (MLD): 52%
Severe Learning Disabilities (SLD): 9%
Global Development Delay (GDD):14%
Sensory Needs and Sensory Processing Difficulties - moderate to significant: 95%

Additional Needs of our Pupils Include:
Down Syndrome, Physical Disabilities, Unique and Rare Syndromes and Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oral Dyspraxia, specific learning difficulties including Dyspraxia, Discalculia and Disgraphia, Dyslexia, Williams Syndrome and physical difficulties/disabilities.

Some pupils have mental health needs including:
Social anxiety, compulsive disorder, disordered eating, social emotional mental health needs.