World Down Syndrome Day


March the 21st - a date to remember Down Syndrome with the third Chromosome 21

(in non-Down Syndrome people, there are two of Chromosome 21)

World Down Syndrome Day's Website:

Learning strategies to boost achievement applied at St Luke's School

We use differentiation in our planning and delivery for children with Down Syndrome. Examples of this include:

  • Using Clicker 7 as an ICT tool to support children develop their language skills in reading writing and verbalising sentences - building on how to structure their work in a clear organised way.
  • We also use visual clues and pictures to support comprehension, speech and sentence building.
  • Teaching whole word recognition instead of teaching individual phonics sounds as some children with Down Syndrome find it hard to blend and segment - we do this by teaching pupils to recognize the 'shape' of the word - tall and short letters for example