This page tells you how to make informal and/or a formal complaint along with the policy we have in place to support you in being heard and how any actions can be managed as a result of complaints upheld.

Concerns about your/another child’s safety:

  • Please contact St Luke’s School’s Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Carol Morris.
  • In the case of emergency Child Protection Concerns, contact the Police on 999.

 Concerns about your child’s experience at school:

Initial concerns can usually be managed by your child’s class teacher or the Admin team. However, there may be times when you need to contact a senior member of staff:

Departmental Lead Teachers:

  • Lower School Lead Teacher
  • Middle School Lead Teacher
  • Upper School Lead Teacher
  • Assistant Headteachers
    Mrs Carol Morris
    Mrs Debbie Bloomfield
    Mr Niyi Obembe
  • Mr Huw Edwards (Forest House Centre)

Informal Complaints/ Requesting Recognition for Matters Arising:

  • You could email
  • You could call
    01442 398 988
  • You could write to the Headteacher:
    Mr Stephen Hoult-Allen at St Luke’s School, Forest House Centre or The Collett School
  • You could come and meet with him
    Contact the School Office at the school you wish to meet at, in order to find a convenient time
  • You may also wish to contact the school’s Special Needs Team Advisor:  The Local Authority Special Educational Needs Link Advisor for St Luke’s School is Mrs Su Clarke, based at Apsley Two in Hemel Hempstead.

 Making a formal complaint:

Please access the policy here to find out the stages of making a formal complaint.  There are stages of this process, each of which have timelines and outcomes.