Autism and St Luke's School

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder, where children and adults with ASD often have impaired social interaction, difficulties with verbal and non-verbal communication, sometimes restricted and/or repetitive behaviours. The spectrum of Autism is wide, which can present challenges and difficulties for the individual. Pupils at St Luke's School have cognitive disabilities - sometimes as a result of their Autism and sometimes as a result of additional diagnoses, creating particular complexities. Wonderfully individual, we love to cherish the difference and brilliance of each unique child, facilitating their needs so they can shine and thrive in our mainstream world.

Autism Strengths at St Luke's School

There are many pupils with an ASD diagnosis as their primary need at St Luke's School. We achieved the National Autism Society accreditation for the work we undertake with children and young people with Autism as a result of the very good practices and excellent relationships between children, adults and families in October 2018.

Teaching that Supports Children with ASD

Our Team of Staff

Qualified Teachers
Plan and deliver the curriculum, extending their professional development through ongoing research and training.
Interventions to Support Behaviours for Learning
Teachers and Teaching Assistants work with learners to overcome behavioural issues that often create barriers to learning, extending to external professional support where appropriate.
Sensory Interventions Support
Teachers and Teaching Assistants trained in specialist areas provide children with bespoke programmes in order to support their individual needs.
Speech and Language Therapist(s)
Support learners to develop their communication and social interaction skills in conjunction with the young person, the class teacher, TAs and the child's family.
Occupational Therapist(s)
Help learners to manage sensory issues and develop functional life skills. They oversee and support our in-house programmes.
Learner and Family Worker Support
Supports families facing transitions and signposts other services to help our children's families thrive.
Our wider Admin team support children and families with a range of organization matters that impact on the quality of life.

Occupational Therapy and Autism

Our Curriculum