Position Name
Executive Head Teacher Stephen Hoult-Allen
Acting Head of School
Director of Access, Participation and Inclusion
SENCO / DSP for CLA and CP / Lead for LOtC
Carol Morris
Assistant Headteacher
Leader of Pupil Progress and Development
Deputy DSP for CLA and CP
Lead for PSHE
Niyi Obembe
Assistant Headteacher
Director of Teaching and Learning
Science Lead
Debbie Bloomfield
School Business Manager Claire Edwards
Position Name
Helen O’Sullivan
Teacher Mary Dunn
Teacher Julianne Bensissi
Teacher Louise Howe
Teacher Hayley Brookes- Lampard
Learning Facilitator Julie Lange
Trainee Teacher
Sensory lead
Josh Crosswell
Teacher Joe Burgess
Teacher Caroline Gavigan
Position Name
Learning Support Assistant Anais Bateman
Medical Support (named pupils) Abbi Stillwell
Learning Support Assistant Amy Edlin
Specialist Medical Support Carol Sayer
Learning Support Assistant (Apprentice) Elly Chapman
Learning Support Assistant (Apprentice) Elysia Gomme
Learning Support Assistant Jan Hickey
Learning Support Co-ordinator Jacqui Roper
Learning Facilitator Jane Foster
Learning Support Assistant Josh Pollard
Specialist Numeracy Support Katrina Quinn
Learning Support Assistant Megan Willis
Behaviour Lead / Deputy CLA Michelle Luck
Learning Support Assistant Monica Mills
Instructor / LSA Tina Orchard
Specialist Literacy Support Shirley Brooke
Learning Support Assistant Caroline Warner
Position Name
Animal Care Manager Matt Colley
Animal Care Apprentice Nathan Cooper
Horticulture Manager Emilie Griffin
Horticulture Apprentice Lloyd Bunyan
Position Name
School Business Manager Claire Edwards
Office Manager / Asst SBM Carol Felmingham
API Administrator (Access, Participation and Inclusion) Rosemary Barker
Administrator Lysa Stambach
Finance Jacky Parfitt
Receptionist / Administrator Mary Ellis ( Maternity cover - Katrina Nowotynski)
Receptionist / Administrator Becky McGee
Position Name
Facilities Manager Andrew Foster
Cleaning Assistant Anne Boreland
Position Name
Assistant Headteacher
Director of FHEC
Huw Bucknell
Leader of Access
Participation and Inclusion
FHEC Lead for the ‘HERT’ day pupil scheme
Leader of Science
Nigel Hughes
Lead teacher, Post-16
Leader of English & Literacy
Barry Doherty
HERT scheme administration
Day pupil support support
Amanda Lavelle
Leader of Mathematics and Numeracy Lyn Mastroddi
School Manager
Examinations Administration
Paula Gray