Pupil Premium at St. Luke’s School

The government believes that the best way of addressing any inequalities between disadvantaged pupils and their peers is the allocation of Pupil Premium money to schools, to help raise the attainment of pupils in disadvantaged families.

Pupil Premium Grant is additional funding provided to schools and it is allocated according to the number of pupils on roll who are in the following categories.

  • Eligible for free school meals
  • Have been eligible for free school meals at some point over the last six years (Ever 6 FSM)
  • Have been looked after or in care for 6 months or more
  • Children of service families in the last four years (Ever 4 services)
  • Adopted (since July 2014)

Schools are held accountable for how they have used the additional funding to support all pupils from low- income / disadvantaged families; it is the responsibility of the school to decide how the Pupil Premium is used to greatest advantage, as the school is best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for these individual groups of pupils.

At St Luke’s we have an inclusive approach to our curriculum and so we do not identify ‘Pupil Premium’ groups but track the impact of the interventions / Skills Groups and pupil progress for all Pupil Premium pupils. It is therefore essential that if your circumstances change, or you feel you need to share information with regard to adoption for example, that you notify the school in order for your child to be included in the numbers we are informed are Pupil Premium numbers for our school (such personal information is of course optional).

All schools are accountable for the use of Pupil Premium money through performance tables, the Ofsted framework and reports to parents online.