Key Stage 3 Curriculum – Year 7-9

Owls Class, Finches Class, Doves Class, Lizards Class, Turtles Class

For pupils who are in Years 7, 8 and 9 most of the lessons are taught in their main classroom. Pupils spend some lessons each week on Integrated (topic based) Learning.

Each half-term, pupils will work on the same topic, taken from the International primary Curriculum; which will cover the curriculum for English, science, humanities, art, drama, music, technology and Personal and Social Education. During each topic, pupils will make a project book which will include all of their work from the unit.

All lessons are planned to provide pupils with opportunities for “Learning and Growing Towards Independence”; making use of the outdoor learning areas with the vast school grounds and the local community.

The topics covered are:

  • Autumn Term “Active Planet”
  • Spring Term “Chocolate”
  • Summer Term “Saving the World”
  • The teacher of the Owls class is Mrs J Lange
  • The teacher of the Finches class is Mrs I Leach
  • The teacher of the Doves class is Mr J Caple
  • The teacher of the Lizards class is Miss Lampard
  • The teacher of the Turtles class is Mrs L Howe

For the rest of the timetable, the pupil’s lessons will be:

Skills for Learning

This takes place for the first 45 minutes everyday, it is a time for pupils to develop their social skills, develop their fine and gross motor skills, spend time focusing on the thought of the day, as well as an opportunity to have a brunch/snack.


4 lessons of literacy and 1 lessons of English each week, currently based on the Read, Write Inc teaching programme for phonics, reading and writing.


5 lessons each week based on the Numeracy framework for key stage 3.

Games and P.E.

For part of the year, this will include swimming and dance.

Learning for Independence

This term pupils will learn about how to use their iPad’s and how they can stay safe when using ICT, as well as communication and home skills.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Based in our new land studies centre and school grounds, pupils will have the opportunity to explore the world around them. Years 7 and 8 go off site for Forest Schools, Year 9 stay on site to beginning their horticulture accreditation ready for KS4.

Arts Block

Pupils follow a carousel and have the opportunity to have specialist teachers providing learning within the Art and Music.

Science Block

(Finches, Doves, Turtles and Lizards) Pupils have a weekly lesson in the science lab, they will be learning within topics based on the three main sciences, biology, chemistry and physics. The current topic is “Science Skills” – looking safety, measuring and how to investigate.

In all subjects, pupils will be encouraged to develop their personal learning and thinking skills (PLTS), to make them more aware of how they learn and how they can improve.