the What

The school's strategic planning is the result of deep analysis of what works and what we want to do better for the pupils. We are making decisions to move the school forward with some speed. However quickly we move things however, it is vital that our community is included in decisions we take.

  • We want to improve the leadership and teaching
  • We want to ensure our curriculum is relevant and appropriately assessed
  • We want to ensure our pupils thrive as they transition to adulthood

We seek to provide a safe learning environment to enable all pupils to grow and develop, with a commitment to provide opportunities to increase independence for every individual.

We plan to achieve this by:

Building the strongest communication skills through excellent teaching of reading and opportunities for speaking and listening
Continuing to develop independence skills for future living
Fostering good relationships based on trust and mutual respect
Developing personal and moral values and interpersonal skills
Providing a happy and well-ordered environment
Giving opportunities for life-long learning
Creating a broad, balanced and enriched learning environment for all
Ensuring effective links between home and school
Valuing and supporting individuals
Maximising everyone’s talents
Having high expectations of all
Celebrating achievements
Appreciating individual aspirations and achievements
Taking an active part in the life of the school and the wider community
Respecting others cultural and religious beliefs

Aim: To improve leadership


  • Leaders work with our community to establish a clear vision for the school
  • An analysis of our school's leadership teams and their effectiveness will benchmark sustained improvements
  • Financial challenges the school is facing will be addressed with plans to cut spending where possible and appropriate
  • Leaders will improve access to high quality training and measure the impact of all continued professional development work with the teaching and support staff

Aim: To improve Teaching

Aim: To improve the quality of teaching and ensure we have effective assessment of pupils' progress, effective training and improved systems/procedures.
  • Leaders ensure the proportion of outstanding teaching is increased
  • To make the school to be fully accessible to people of all abilities and pupils' learning is age-appropriate
  • Staff Training and Continued Professional Development is engaging and focused on improving pupils' progress in learning

Aim: To enable our pupils to thrive

Aim: To increase the capacity for pupils to shine and thrive in their transition from childhood to adulthood.

  • Improve PSD outcomes further - using hard data for the analysis of soft skills.
  • Expand functional skills and work-related learning opportunities/qualifications throughout the curriculum.
  • Support employers to take on more pupils through work, apprenticeships and work experience.
  • For St Luke’s to host apprenticeship programmes with local employers.
  • Maintain the relentless focus on literacy and numeracy across subject areas.
  • Audit and analyse the impact of partnerships on pupils' learning and wellbeing.

Aim: To ensure the curriculum is right for each pupil

Aim: To ensure the curriculum is appropriate, challenging and builds on the needs of the individual to ensure a relevant experience of school.

  • Ensure children's needs for accessing learning are met.
  • Ensure each child's baselines are correctly determined and a flight path determined to ensure progress is maximised.
  • To listen to the child about their wants and desires for adulthood.
  • To make sure opportunities are created and taken where appropriate and possible.
  • To ensure pupils are stretched to achieve better than expected progress